Jon Hamm, Chris Parnell and Kay Cannon (from facebook) | 30 Rock Live Show!

7 Minutes in Heaven with Mike O’Brien | Jon Hamm


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Last night Jon Hamm and Jimmy played a game of luck, skill and wet suits: WATER WAR!


Adam Scott and Jon Hamm write for Channel 4 News, San Diego. Stay classy, comedy nerds.

ugh I’m a dissapointment

Number 6: Jon Hamm

  • Jon Hamm: I am an open book.
  • Paul Rudd: You are. You're naked.
  • JH: I kind of thought that's how we were supposed to do these interviews.
  • PR: When I said, "Jon, I hope you're ready to get naked in this interview," I didn't anticipate that you would actually be physically naked.
  • JH: Well, it helps me to be emotionally naked if I'm physically naked.
  • PR: I see.
  • JH: Thank you, by the way, for also being naked.
  • PR: Well, look, it just didn't seem right-
  • JH: It's great to be naked. Just a couple naked dudes at the Grove.

just got to this part of 30 Rock

Jason Sudeikis just stop. please. i love you too much

I have met 2 out of the three men in this picture.


I want to go to there… Jon Hamm